Tax Advisory

  • Corporate Tax compliance
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax due diligence
  • Optimization

Managing your company’s tax strategy in the face of today’s complex puzzle of rules and regulations can drain your time, money and resources. Zovnishinformaduit’s tax specialists will complement your team and maintain your auditor’s independence with our compliance services and customized tax planning advice.

Advice is given to clients on all aspects of tax strategy and tax planning, on the formation or the acquisition of a company and throughout its existence, especially from the international viewpoint.

  • Tax compliance and regulatory advice
  • Tax legislation, tax planning and organization of tax accounting
  • Corporate income tax compliance and planning
  • Income tax and VAT consulting
  • Social taxes consulting
  • Assistance in resolution of disputes with tax authorities
  • Representation in tax disputes
  • Tax and legal due diligence according to International Audit Standards