Legal Advisory

Due to our long-term legal consulting experience we are capable of providing an overall legal support to our clients in all sectors/ industries.

If you:

  • undestand importance of having in place all relevant internal regulations enabling your operational and marketable activity, we will conduct an express review of their availability and compliance and will produce or refine them as per your needs fully protecting you from violation of law, hence from possible lawful penalties, claims or any other law-related issues.
  • are starting your business, we will give an overview of the relevant sector rules and policies, identify your opportunities, rights and obligations, prepare all required legal documents and apply for registrations to governental authorities and services.
  • are about to purchase any business, or securities, we will understake a due-diligence to substantiate your decisions.
  • are preparing to execute a significant contract or agreement, you can trust us review of your counterparts’ legal capacity and ability, and drafting of all relevant cotractual and subcontractual documents.
  • are restructuring, reorganizing or outsourcing or winding -up one of your businesses or subsidiaries, we will do all preparatory work and support you as a lawyer at all stages.

We may facilitate buy-and-sell transctions, or enable smooth transfer of rights and competencies from one party to another by fair representation of our Client in front of its counterparts, courts, governmental authorities, relevant organizations and institutions.

We can be your negotiator, intermediator, facilitator or supervisor.