Outsourced Accounting

In accordance with your desires ZIA is in a position to provide services on establishing and maintaining financial and tax accounting in accordance with the existing Ukrainian laws, Ukrainian Accounting Standards and IAS/IFRS.

See below some of our most widely wanted services:

  • Maintaining accounting records:
    • Maintaining the primary (source) documents (including their preparation), setting the accounting registers by the corresponding accounts; and
    • Preparation and presentation of the complete set of the financial statements and statistical reports on a regular basis.
  • Payroll accounts:
    • payroll calculations, computation of personal income tax;
    • preparation of payslips, covering monthly salary and deductions of every employee;
    • preparation, computation and presentation of Single Social Contribution (combined deductions to pension fund, funds of social insurance against loss of jobless, workign ability or accident); and
    • interaction with the local taxation authorities in relation to the payroll returns;
    • full-scale administration of HR-operations (hiring, dismissal, vacations, sick leaves, business trips).
  • Tax accounts:
    • maintaining the tax accounting (gross income, gross expenses), preparation, computation, filling-in and submission of corporate income tax return;
    • maintaining, preparation, computation, filling-in and presentation of value added tax return;
    • interaction with the local taxation authorities in respect of submitted corporate Tax returns.
  • Cash Settlements:
    • settlment of payments as per client’s instructions and based on relevant primary docs or approved payment schedules;
    • Reconciliation of the bank account on a monthly basis to ensure accuracy of operations and balances;
    • preparation of a monthly cash forecast to ensure sufficient funds are available to meet budgetary and commercial payment demands;
    • preparation of invoices, acceptance acts and other relevant primary docs.
    • проведение расчетов согласно полученных инструкций на основании полученных первичных документов или же по утвержденным графикам выплат.
  • Reports:
    • Preparation and presentation of the management reporting package to HQ office or parent company;
    • Preparation and presentation of the annual financial statements to the parent for their subsequent consolidation fro the entire group;
    • Notes (the narrative)  to the quarterly and annual reporting packages to disclose the content of operations, explain indicators or draw attention of the top management and owners  to some particular issues.